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Einige der im Assembler-Code der MegaSquirt verwendeten Variablen

ACMULT = Acceleration cold multiplication factor (percent/100) 
adsel = ADC Selector Variable 
aircor = Air density correction is computed from MAT. 
asecount = Counter value for after-start enrichment counter - every ignition 
AWC = After-start number of cycles 
AWEV = After-start Warmup Percent enrichment add-on value 
baro = The barometric pressure as measured by MegaSquirt. 
barocor = Barometer Lookup Correction - percent, based on the initial MAP sensor reading. 
batt = Battery Voltage ADC Raw Reading - counts 
BATTFAC = Battery Gamma Factor 
clt = Coolant Temperature ADC Raw Reading - counts (0 - 255) 
coolant = Coolant temperature in Degrees F plus 40 (allows -40 degress to fit in integer) 
CWH = Crank Enrichment at 170 F 
CWU = Crank Enrichment at -40 F 
ddra = Port A Data Direction Register 
ego = Exhaust Gas Oxygen ADC Raw Reading - counts
egocorr = This is the correction factor computed from O2 sensor readings. 
egocount = Counter value for EGO step - incremented every ignition pulse 
egotemp = Coolant Temperature where EGO is active
egocountcmp = Counter value where EGO step is to occur 
egodelta = EGO Percent step size for rich/lean 
egolimit = Upper/Lower EGO rail limit (egocorr is inside 100 +/- Limit) 
engine = Variable bit-field to hold engine current status 
FASTIDLE = Fast Idle Temperature 
gammae = Total Gamma Enrichments - percent 
InjOpen = Injector Open Time 
InjOCFuel = PW-correlated amount of fuel injected during injector open 
INJPWM = Injector PWM duty cycle at current limit
INJPWMT = Injector PWM millisec time at which to activate. 
kpa = MAP value in units of KPa 
KPARANGEVE = VE Table MAP Pressure Bins for 2_D interp. 
last_tps = TPS reading updated every 0.1 seconds 
lmap = Manifold Absolute Pressure ADC last Reading 
lmat = Manifold Air Temp ADC last Reading 
lclt = Coolant Temperature ADC last Reading 
ltps = Throttle Position Sensor ADC last Reading 
lbatt = Battery Voltage ADC last Reading 
lego = Last EGO ADC reading 
map = Manifold Absolute Pressure ADC Raw Reading - KPa (0 - 255) 
mat = Manifold Air Temp ADC Raw Reading - counts (0 - 255) 
mms = 0.0001 second update variable 
ms = 0.001 second increment 
porta = Port A Data Register 
portb = Port B Data Register 
portc = Port C Data Register 
PRIMEP = Priming pulses (0.1 millisec units) 
pulseigncount = Ignition pulse counter 
pw = The injector pulse width being used by MS to squirt fuel into your motor. 
pwcalc = Computed pulse width - move into variable PW at pulse time 
pw = Injector squirt time in 1/10 milliseconds (0 to 25.5 millisec) - applied 
pw2= The other PW comparison (injector #2) 
pwrun1 = Pulsewidth timing variable 1 - from 0 to 25.5ms 
pwrun2 = Pulsewidth timing variable 2 - from 0 to 25.5ms 
REQ_FUEL = Fuel Constant 
RPMOXLIMIT = Minimum RPM where O2 Closed Loop is Active 
rpm = Computed engine RPM - rpm/100 
rpmch = Counter for high part of RPM 
rpmcl = Counter for low part of RPM 
rpmpl = Low part of RPM Period 
rpmk = Constant for RPM = 12,000/ncyl - downloaded constant 
rpmph = High part of RPM Period 
rpmphl = last rpmph value (for odd-fire) 
rpmpll = last rpmpl value (for odd-fire) 
RPMRANGEVE = VE table RPM Bins for 2-D interpolation 
rxoffset = offset placeholder when receiving VE/constants vis. SCI 
secl = Time in seconds since MegaSquirt® last booted. Low seconds - from 0 to 255, then 
sech = High seconds - rollover at 65536 secs (1110.933 minutes, 18.51 hours) 
squirt = Event variable bit field for Injector Firing. 
tenth = 1/10th second 
tmp1,...,tmp19 = Temporary storage. 
tps = Throttle Position Sensor ADC Raw Reading - counts, represents 0 - 5 volts 
tpsaccel = The acceleration enrichment. 
tpsaclk = TPS enrichment timer clock in 0.1 second resolution 
TPSAQ = TPS acceleration amount (fn TPSDOT) in 0.1 ms units 
tpsacold = Cold acceleration amount (at -40 degrees) in 0.1 ms units 
TPSASYNC = TPS Acceleration clock value 
TPSDQ = Deacceleration fuel cut 
tpsfuelcut = TPS Fuel Cut (percent). 
tpsthresh = Accel TPS DOT threshold 
txcnt = SCI transmitter count (incremented) 
txgoal = SCI number of bytes to transmit 
txmode = Transmit mode flag 
VE = 64 bytes for VE Table 
vecurr = The current computed VE value determined by look up in the VETABLE using 
RPM and MAP. 
VOLTOXTARGET = O2 sensor flip target value 
warmcor = The warmup correction factor applied due to start-up and coolant temperature status. 
WWU = Warmup bins (fn temp) 

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