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Der Befehlssatz des MC68HC908GP32 Microcontrollers der MegaSquirt[Bearbeiten]

ADC = Add with Carry

ADD = Add without Carry

AIS = Add Immediate Value (Signed) to Stack Pointer

AIX = Add Immediate Value (Signed) to Index Register

AND = Logical AND

ASL = Arithmetic Shift Left

ASR = Arithmetic Shift Right

BCC = Branch if Carry Bit Clear

BCLR n = Clear Bit n in Memory

BCS = Branch if Carry Bit Set

BEQ = Branch if Equal

BGE = Branch if Greater Than or Equal To

BGT = Branch if Greater Than

BHCC = Branch if Half Carry Bit Clear

BHCS = Branch if Half Carry Bit Set

BHI = Branch if Higher

BHS = Branch if Higher or Same

BIH = Branch if IRQ Pin High

BIL = Branch if IRQ Pin Low

BIT = Bit Test

BLE = Branch if Less Than or Equal To

BLO = Branch if Lower

BLS = Branch if Lower or Same

BLT = Branch if Less Than

BMC = Branch if Interrupt Mask Clear

BMI = Branch if Minus

BMS = Branch if Interrupt Mask Set

BNE = Branch if Not Equal

BPL = Branch if Plus

BRA = Branch Always

BRA = Branch Always

BRCLR n = Branch if Bit n in Memory Clear

BRN = Branch Never

BRSET n = Branch if Bit n in Memory Set

BSET n = Set Bit n in Memory

BSR = Branch to Subroutine

CBEQ = Compare and Branch if Equal

CLC = Clear Carry Bit

CLI = Clear Interrupt Mask Bit

CLR = Clear

CMP = Compare Accumulator with Memory

COM = Complement (Ones Complement)

CPHX = Compare Index Register with Memory

CPX = Compare X (Index Register Low) with Memory

DAA = Decimal Adjust Accumulator

DBNZ = Decrement and Branch if Not Zero

DEC = Decrement

DIV = Divide

EOR = Exclusive-OR Memory with Accumulator

INC = Increment

JMP = Jump

JSR = Jump to Subroutine

LDA = Load Accumulator from Memory

LDHX = Load Index Register from Memory

LDX = Load X (Index Register Low) from Memory

LSL = Logical Shift Left

LSR = Logical Shift Right

MOV = Move

MUL = Unsigned Multiply

NEG = Negate (Twos Complement)

NOP = No Operation

NSA = Nibble Swap Accumulator

ORA = Inclusive-OR Accumulator and Memory

PSHA = Push Accumulator onto Stack

PSHH = Push H (Index Register High) onto Stack

PSHX = Push X (Index Register Low) onto Stack

PULA = Pull Accumulator from Stack

PULH = Pull H (Index Register High) from Stack

PULX = Pull X (Index Register Low) from Stack

ROL = Rotate Left through Carry

ROR = Rotate Right through Carry

RSP = Reset Stack Pointer

RTI = Return from Interrupt

RTS = Return from Subroutine

SBC = Subtract with Carry

SEC = Set Carry Bit

SEI = Set Interrupt Mask Bit

STA = Store Accumulator in Memory

STHX = Store Index Register

STOP = Enable IRQ Pin, Stop Oscillator

STX = Store X (Index Register Low) in Memory

SUB = Subtract

SWI = Software Interrupt

TAP = Transfer Accumulator to Processor Status Byte

TAX = Transfer Accumulator to X (Index Register Low)

TPA = Transfer Processor Status Byte to Accumulator

TST = Test for Negative or Zero

TSX = Transfer Stack Pointer to Index Register

TXA = Transfer X (Index Register Low) to Accumulator

TXS = Transfer Index Register to Stack Pointer

WAIT = Enable Interrupts; Stop Processor

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